Thursday, February 10, 2011

Free Pattern: Baby Unicorn!!

It's finally here! It took me quite a few tries to get this pattern going, but it's finally done. 
This pattern is made with quite a few little pieces, and the legs can get a bit fiddly, but the end result is worth it. Enjoy!
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Also, if you use my pattern, I'd love to see what you've made!

What You'll need:
-A small ammount of worsted weight yarn in three colors (one each for body, mane/tail, and horn/hooves)
-5.00 mm crochet hook
-Safety eyes

Abbreviations Used in This Pattern:
Sc- single crochet
Dec- decrease (2 sc together)
Inc- increase (2 sc in the same stitch)
Ch- chain
St- Stitch
Fo- Fasten off


With body color.
1. Ch 3, 6 sc in first ch
2. Inc around (12 st)
3-5. (3 rounds) Sc around
6. (inc, sc)x3, sc to marker (15 st)
7-8. (2 rounds) Sc around
9. (Sc 3, dec) around
10. (Sc 2, dec) around
Add safety eyes, stuff, and dec until hole closes up. Fo.

With body color,
1. Ch 3, 6 sc in first ch (6 st)
2. Inc around (12 st)
3-12. (10 rounds) Sc around
13. Dec around
Stuff, dec until hole closes up, fo, sew to head.

Legs (make 4):
With hoof color,
1. Ch 3, 4 sc in first ch
2. Sc around, switch to body color
3-5. (3 rounds) Sc around
Fo, sew to body.

With hoof color, 
1. Ch 3, 3 sc in first ch
2-3. (2 rounds) Sc around
Fo, sew to head. 

Ears (make 2):
With body color,
1. Ch 3, turn
2. Sc across (2 st)
3. Dec (1 st)
Fo, sew to head.

Mane and Tail:
Add the mane and tail just like you would with any other amigurumi's hair. 
Cut a few pieces of yarn, fold them in half, pull them partly through a stitch, and pull the ends through the loop. Repeat this a few times until your mane or tail is as thick as you want. 



  1. Cute! :D
    I'm starting one at once!

  2. Cute! I'll have to put him/her on my never ending to make list! Hopefully soon :)

  3. This is soooo adorable! Thank you!

  4. Great Job Emily. Thank You for Sharing Him, Can't Wait To Make My Graudaughters One.
    Dottie In Va

  5. I'm starting one now! there so cute... I will soon have an army.

  6. I saw this pattern on ravelry and now i'm here :)
    I Love this Pattern!
    Thnx for sharing ♥
    I have wrote it down en hope to make a unicorn soon :)

    Greetings, Ivonne (NL)

  7. Hi , this is my first attempt at anything other than a square.
    He's a bit of a mutant :-)

  8. i have a little unicorn army!!!