Wednesday, June 15, 2011

X-Men Amigurumi! (Cyclops, Phoenix, Magneto)

Hello readers!
For a long time, I've loved Marvel. Spiderman, Thor, Iron Man.... but especially X-Men. I was extremely excited for the new X-Men: First Class movie (which did not disappoint, by the way! Seriously, go see it.), so I made these. They used my basic body pattern here:
The only changes I made were to add gloves/boots by changing colors.

(Excuse the weird lighting, I had to take this in a hurry)

Other notes:
Phoenix/Jean Grey's phoenix emblem was cut out of felt, and her hair made out of some more worsted weight yarn.
Cyclops/Scott's helmet is as follows:
1. Ch 2, 6 sc in first ch
2. Inc around
3. (Sc 1, inc) around
4. (Sc 2, inc) around
5. (Sc 3, inc) around
6. (Sc 4, inc) around
7-8. Sc around (2 rows)
fasten off, stitch to head.
I'm not sure of the exact number for his glasses, but here's how I did it (it's mostly guessing and checking):
1. Ch x. X being the number of stitches it takes to reach across his face.
2. sl st until you get to where you want the actual glasses part to be, double crochet y stitches (y being how wide you want the taller part of the glasses to be), sl st to end. Fasten off.
I surface crocheted the outline of the red part, and then filled it in with embroidery.

Hope this helped, and don't be afraid to contact me with any questions/requests:

Anyways, have fun everybody!

Free basic amigurumi body pattern

Here's a basic body pattern for you to try out. It's very flexible, so you can turn it into anybody (or anything!) you'd like.
Also, I will be putting up a prototype pic soon, but for now, here's an example:

Enjoy. :) I'd love to see pics of your creations!

What You Will Need:
-Less than 100 yards of yarn of your choice. I use worsted weight typically for my amigurumi, but you can experiment with different weights and textures. You could use thread to make a teeny tiny ami, or super bulky to make a larger one. Make sure your yarn is of a smooth texture (that is, no bobbles, texture changes, or general weirdness).
-A crochet hook. For amigurumi, I use a hook one size smaller than the suggested size for my yarn of choice. I do this because I crochet at an average tension, if you crochet loosely, you may want one even smaller, or if you crochet tightly, go for the suggested size.

Three, Two, One, Go!

Legs (make 2):
Start by chaining 3
1. Sc 6 in second chain from hook
2. 2 sc in each sc around
3-13. Sc around (11 rows)
Fasten off.

1. Pinch both legs together at the top, and join with a sc. Place marker. Sc around to the last 3 stitches of the first leg, and then join to second with another sc. Sc to marker.
2. Sc around
3. (Sc 4, inc) around
4- 13. Sc around (10 rows)
14. (Sc 3, dec) around
15. (Sc 2, dec) around
16. (Sc, dec) around
Stuff with polyfil stuffing.
17. Dec around
Fasten off.

1. Ch 2, 8 sc in first ch
2-13. Sc around (12 rows)
Stuff hands only, stitch in place on the body. I sew them on around where the decrease rows start.

1. Ch 2, 6 sc in first ch
2. Inc in each stitch around
3. (Sc, inc) around
4. Sc around
5. (sc 2, inc) around
6. (Sc 3, inc) around
7. Sc around
8. (Sc 4, inc) around
9. (Sc 5, inc) around
10-20. Sc around (11 rows)
21. (Sc 5, dec) around
22. (Sc 4, dec) around
23. (Sc 3, dec) around
24. (Sc 2, dec) around
Place safety eyes, stuff.
25. Dec around
Fasten off

Sew the head to the body and sew up the seam left between the legs. Time for the fun part!
Add details, make it your own. It could be a character from your favorite movie, or an amigurumi version of your best friend. Have fun!