Wednesday, June 15, 2011

X-Men Amigurumi! (Cyclops, Phoenix, Magneto)

Hello readers!
For a long time, I've loved Marvel. Spiderman, Thor, Iron Man.... but especially X-Men. I was extremely excited for the new X-Men: First Class movie (which did not disappoint, by the way! Seriously, go see it.), so I made these. They used my basic body pattern here:
The only changes I made were to add gloves/boots by changing colors.

(Excuse the weird lighting, I had to take this in a hurry)

Other notes:
Phoenix/Jean Grey's phoenix emblem was cut out of felt, and her hair made out of some more worsted weight yarn.
Cyclops/Scott's helmet is as follows:
1. Ch 2, 6 sc in first ch
2. Inc around
3. (Sc 1, inc) around
4. (Sc 2, inc) around
5. (Sc 3, inc) around
6. (Sc 4, inc) around
7-8. Sc around (2 rows)
fasten off, stitch to head.
I'm not sure of the exact number for his glasses, but here's how I did it (it's mostly guessing and checking):
1. Ch x. X being the number of stitches it takes to reach across his face.
2. sl st until you get to where you want the actual glasses part to be, double crochet y stitches (y being how wide you want the taller part of the glasses to be), sl st to end. Fasten off.
I surface crocheted the outline of the red part, and then filled it in with embroidery.

Hope this helped, and don't be afraid to contact me with any questions/requests:

Anyways, have fun everybody!

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