Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Free Pattern: Narwhal Ami

So here's a narwhal pattern. Because who doesn't love narwhals? I named mine Ernest. 
It's an easy pattern, you just need to know how to increase, decrease, crochet in the round, and sew pieces together. 
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What You'll Need:
-A small ammount of worsted weight yarn for the body of the narwhal in color of your choice (this will be color A)
-an even smaller ammount of worsted weight yarn in color of your choice for horn (color B)
-A 5.00 mm crochet hook
-Safety eyes (if you are making this for a child, embroider the eyes just in case)
-Polyfill Stuffing

Abbreviations used in this Pattern:
Sc- single crochet
Inc- increase (2 sc in the same stitch)
Dec- decrease (sc 2 together)
Fo- Fasten off
Ch- Chain

Narwhal Pattern:

Back Fins (make 2):
1. Ch 3, 6sc in first ch
2. Inc around (12 st)
3-4. Sc around

Join yarn in any stitch on the first fin. 
5. Sc 11. Pick up second fin and join it to first with a sc. Sc 9, sc to join fins together again at back, place marker. This is the beginning of your row. (21 st)
6. Sc 6, (inc, sc)x4, sc to marker. (25 st)
7-9. (3 rows) Sc around
10. Sc 6, (inc, sc 2)x4, sc to marker (29 st)
11-13. (3 rows) Sc around
14. Sc 6, (inc, sc 3)x4, sc to marker (33 st)
15. Sc around
16. Sc 3, (sc 5, dec)x4, sc to marker (29 st)
17. Sc 1, (sc 5, dec)x4, sc to marker (25 st)
18. (Sc 3, dec)x5 (20 st)
19. (Sc 2, dec)x5 (15 st)
20. (Sc, dec)x5 (10 st)
Stuff, add safety eyes. Dec until hold closes up, fo. 
Stitch shut hole between fins. 

Flippers (make 2):
1. Ch 3, 6sc in first ch (6 st)
2. Inc around (12 st)
3-4. Sc around
Fo, sew to body.

1. Ch 2, 4sc in first ch (4 st)
2-4. Sc around
Fo, sew to body.

All done! If you use my pattern, I'd love to see what you've made! 


  1. love it! just one question - are the flippers and back fins the same thing? or is it just a typo?

  2. Yes, they are the same thing. :) That was actually something I should have taken out in editing and forgot.

  3. why arent the flippers on the narwhal in the picture?

  4. If we make something from this pattern are we allowed to sell it, given that you're given credit for the pattern?

  5. lisa- No flippers because... I am a scatterbrain. ^-^
    Blondie4Christ- Absolutely! Thanks for asking. :)

  6. how do you "fasten off"? i'm kindof new to crocheting.

  7. @kittyh2, Just cut your yarn, and draw the remaining yarn all the way through the loop on your hook, and then just pull it tight. ^-^

  8. I am a little bit confused by the back fins.... chain three and then go back through the first loop you made and do six through that, and then twelve in a circle? Is that what you mean? I am also kind of new to crochet, I know how to do basic stitches but am not very good at at reading patterns. :P

  9. So I know I'm a little late to the party, but at the end of the rows do you connect the row and then start a new one or do you keep going around in a spiral?