Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nerdy Knitting #1

I crocheted Link (didn't improvise this time, the pattern is from Nerdigurumi). Mm-hm. Here he is:
(Sorry about the weird photo, I had to ship him off to my swap partner.)
Oh, Link and your man-dress. 
Anyways, after this project, I'm thinking other video game characters need to be amigurumi-if-ied. Expect to see more soon (with patterns, yay!)! 
I LOVE requests. Love them.

Here's a link to the pattern, just in case (it's brilliant, btw!)


  1. LOVE LINK! I am so excited for this one because now that i have a girl and a boy i want to dress them like link and zelda for halloween! do you think people will get it? they were pikachu and squirtle last year (their dad was ash, and i was misty!) Oh childhood, i miss you :-)

  2. OMG, I love link! This is super awesome, thanks for the link to the pattern.