Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Free Pattern: Kyo Kitty

I made this pattern for one of my closest friends who loves Fruits Basket (and Kyo especially). Enjoy! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Also: if you make anything using my pattern, I'd love to see them. Thanks!

What You Will Need:
-Orange Worsted Weight Yarn (about an ounce will do it)
-A small amount of flesh colored worsted weight yarn
-An even smaller amount of black yarn (or safety eyes)
-A 5.00 mm and a 5.5 mm crochet hook

Use a 5.00 mm crochet hook on all pieces except for the back paws.

Ch- chain
Sc- Single Crochet
Inc- Increase (2 sc in the same stitch)
Dec- Decrease (sc 2 together


Using flesh color,
1. Ch 2, 6 sc in first ch.
2. 2 sc in each sc around
3. (sc 1, inc) around
4. (sc 2, inc) around
5. (sc 3, inc) around
6-9. (4 rows) Sc around
10. (3sc, dec) around
11. (2 sc, dec) around
12. (sc, dec) around
13. Dec around
Fasten off, stuff (be careful not to overstuff!)

Using orange,
1. Ch 2, 8 sc in first ch
2. Inc around
3. (sc, inc) around
4. (2sc, inc) around
5-8. (4 rows) sc around
9. (2 sc, dec) around
10. (sc, dec) around
Fasten off, slip over the head and overstitch around the opening to secure.

Using orange,
1. Ch 2, 8 sc in first ch
2. (sc, inc) around
3. (2 sc, inc) around
4. (3 sc, inc) around
5-14. (9 rows) Sc around
15. (3 sc, dec) around
16. (2 sc, dec) around
17-19. (3 rows) Sc around
20. (sc, dec) around
21. Dec around
Stuff, and dec until hole closes up. Fasten off, and sew head to body.

For front paws, use a 5 mm crochet hook, and for back paws, use a 5.5 mm crochet hook.
With orange,
1. Ch 2, 6 sc in first st
2. Inc around
3. (Sc, inc) around
4-5. (2 rows) Sc around
6. (2 sc, dec) around
7. (sc, dec) around
8. Sc around
Fasten off

For front paws:
Stuff (but not too much!) and sew to body. You can use the picture above for a reference.

For back paws:
Put a little ball of stuffing in the toe end of the paw, and pinch the other end shut. Sew to the bottom of the body.

With orange,
1. Ch 2, 6 sc in first ch
Sc around for 10 rows.

Fasten off. Fold a super thick pipe cleaner into quarters and use instead of stuffing to make his tail pose-able. Sew to body.

With orange,
1. Ch 2, 3 sc in first ch
2-3. (2 rows) Sc around
4. Inc around
5. Sc around
Fasten off, sew to head.

Embroider a face onto Kyo, weave in all ends. And you're done! Make sure not to feed him leeks!


  1. How tall is this cutie?

  2. Oh, sorry, I should have put that in the description. If I'm remembering correctly, he's about seven inches. Thanks! :)